Gron CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

CBD 1:1
taste & smells like:

Chocolate, Creamy, Delicious

feels like:

Happy, Relaxed, Soothing



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If you’re looking to get the best medicinal effects from both THC and CBD While saving your lungs the hassle of harsh hot smoke or vapor from cannabis concentrate or flower. Look no further! With 47 mg of THC and 46 mg of CBD this sweet cannabis infused treat will relieve your pain and leave you in a state of relaxed bliss. Gron Dark Chocolate CBD|THC 1:1 bars are available in-store at Diem Cannabis Dispensary, and for free weed delivery in both Salem and Portland, Oregon!


The 11-Hydroxy Metabolite that is produced by the liver when THC is digested in the form of an edible is at least 5x more psychoactive than inhaled THC. Consumers of edibles can expect full body relaxation and a very heavy head high. These delicious treats are not to be taken lightly, and dosage should be paid very close attention to. Do not operate a motor vehicle or machinery under the influence of marijuana or marijuana products. Marijuana is for use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep all marijuana and marijuana products out of the reach of children.