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Dr. Jolly's

THC Cannabis RSO

Indica Hybrid
taste & smells like:

Earthy, Herbal, Pine

feels like:

Euphoric, Relaxed, Pain Relief




Buy Full Spectrum THC Cannabis RSO online today!  Dr. Jolly’s is a company out of Bend, Oregon, that prides themselves on making high quality extracts.  While you can find some of the best shatter in the state coming from these guys, it is also important to note their commitment to making excellent medicine.  RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is a whole plant concentrate that contains the full profile of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.  Due to the countless healing properties displayed (i.e. anti-inflammation, pain relief), RSO is commonly used for the treatment of debilitating diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, fibromyalgia, and so much more.  This specific RSO by Dr. Jolly’s has been created with a focus on a high THC concentration.  This 1 gram syringe contains 672.3mg (67.95%) of THC.  New users should understand that some psychoactivity is to be expected with this oil.  Although the United States government has made it extremely difficult to conduct clinical studies on marijuana’s healing benefits, testimonies about the success of RSO treating a wide array of diseases can be found all over the internet.  Full Spectrum THC Cannabis RSO is available in-store at Diem Cannabis Dispensary, as well as online for free weed delivery in both Salem and Portland, Oregon.