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Happy SWEET SHATTERDAY everyone!! We've got our SHATTERS, PULL N’ SNAP and EDIBLES for you to SAVE $$ on! Check out the “Specials” tab below to see all of the concentrates you can get for 20% OFF and edibles you can get for 20% OFF!!! Enjoy! Peace and Treats!

Monday Madness: 20% off all* vaporizer cartridges.
Top Tier Tuesday: 20% off all* live resin, live resin cartridges & diamonds.
Wild Card Wednesday: discount is based on the day of the month. (example: wednesday the 17th=17% off)
Thrifty Thursdays: 30% off all* pre-rolls & pre-roll packs & blunt packs.
Flower Friday: 20% off all* flower! & HAPPY HOURS will be 30% off* ONE item during happy hour times. Times are 7AM to 10AM & 4PM to 7PM
Sweet Shatterday: saturday is 20% off all* shatters, sugar wax, and pull n snap, also including 20% off edibles*.
Salvation Sunday: 25% off all* topicals, tinctures, and RSO’s.
***all deals exclude our daily deals and cannot be combined with other deals***

Order before 8PM to receive products on same day/evening.
Orders after 8PM will schedule for the NEXT day!
DELIVERY AREA: Salem, OR residential addresses.
We cannot deliver to: Hotels, dorms, or businesses.


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